Care seekers turn into care providers

When volunteers reach out to their community, everyone benefits: care providers, residents as well as the community itself. This is the deep conviction of the Wilskracht Werkt (Willpower Works) foundation, an avowed advocate of active participation by all of the people of Rotterdam.


Anyone who wants to borrow a mobility scooter, or who needs help with grocery shopping, or who wants to learn how to ride a bike can turn to Wilskracht Werkt. The foundation organizes services and activities that enable elderly and vulnerable people to contribute actively to society.

Social capital in action

Wilskracht Werkt helps to put social capital into action. The Groceries Plus Bus transports elderly people to the supermarket or the hospital, and community buddies help local residents to manage their own affairs as much as possible. This may involve help in grocery shopping, accompanying people on visits to their doctors, or simply taking them for a walk or a bike ride.


Wilskracht Werkt is an initiative by Wil Roode, a registered nurse and social worker who decided, back in 2007, to establish a foundation to organize welfare work and care in the community in cooperation with active local residents. Wilskracht Werkt connects care seekers to those who can offer help.