Green roof harvests

Measuring a thousand square metres at a height of twenty metres, right in the heart of Rotterdam’s city centre, a green roof by the name of Roof Farm (DakAkker) graces the top of the Schieblock office building. This pioneer in urban farming produces vegetables and fruit – as well as a wide range of other products.

The Roof Farm at the Schieblock office building in Rotterdam is the largest harvestable roof in Europe. In 2012, this initiative of ZUS Architects and the Environmental Centre of Rotterdam breathed new life into the dilapidated building. Today, the building accommodates a broad selection of creative entrepreneurs who show great commitment to building a strong city.

Commercial activities in the vicinity

The activities at the Roof Farm give a sustainable boost to commercial activities in the vicinity. Vegetables and fruit are supplied to hotels and restaurants nearby, and the fresh produce and herbs grown in the rooftop vegetable garden sell like hot cakes during open days and in a bistro and a pop-up café. In addition, the native plants garden provides sufficient forage to sustain as many as four bee populations.