MEE in a resilient city

Getting people to start moving, to participate actively and to start thriving instead of just surviving: the Rotterdam-based MEE foundation helps vulnerable people in Rotterdam to become more independent, assertive and, ultimately, resilient.

MEE provides practical support, coaching and training courses to teach people in Rotterdam how to gain control over their lives, to move away from the sidelines and enjoy active participation; in the classroom, in the workplace, in the community, and in sports. MEE provides a safe haven, a social safety net, and the care that they need.

Resourceful network

Over 3,500 people in Rotterdam annually turn to MEE for services in the field of employment, education, sports, housing, welfare and healthcare. The professionals who work for the foundation, which is part of a resourceful, nationwide network, help people who are mentally challenged, or suffer from chronic (psychiatric) conditions or autism, by teaching them the skills necessary for long-term independent living.