R-iX for a cyber resilient city

A safe digital environment and a robust, high-quality Internet supply are of critical importance to a resilient city. The relevance of a foundation like the Rotterdam Internet Exchange (R-iX) to the future of Rotterdam is, therefore, undisputed.

R-iX was founded a decade ago in pursuit of the goal of attracting the opportunities of superfast network connections and innovative Internet services to the region. Ever since, the foundation has promoted and supported the use of information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet-related activities in and around Rotterdam. Their operations are based in three locations in the city and five data centres in the region.


Besides network connections, R-iX also offers opportunities for peering, a method to facilitate the exchange of Internet traffic between various Internet providers and corporations. As the number of Internet users – residents and businesses alike – continues to grow, peering becomes more and more important to the continuity of digital services. To anticipate future growth, the network of R-iX is designed to ensure extremely high security of supply of the Internet services and ICT systems.