Stadsgas for a circular city

Upgrading waste to fulfil a new purpose as energy – the Rotterdam-based initiative by the name of Stadsgas (City Gas) collects organic residual waste and subsequently converts it into biogas and electricity.

A circular economy knows no waste: every residual flow can be used as a resource for a new product. Stadsgas understands this very well. They work magic transforming refuse into biogas and electricity, and the organic fertilizer that is formed as a by-product can be used in several urban gardens in Rotterdam.

Hub of Sustainability

And if that is not circular enough, Stadsgas distributes a share of the profits to community initiatives that contribute to a sustainable society, and the biomass digester of Stadsgas – the installation that converts residual waste into electricity and biogas – is known as the Hub of Sustainability of the Vierhaven district in Rotterdam.


As a circular initiative, Stadsgas is productive as well as resourceful. The organization is currently conducting research into the possibilities of processing residual flows into other high-quality products, such as bioplastics.