Subsoil Potential Maps visualize the invisible

Inspiration Maps, or subsoil potential maps, are a practical tool to visualize what is hidden in the subsoil. They enable urban planners and designers to take subsoil potential into account at an early stage.

The downside of what is hidden in the subsoil is that you cannot see it. That makes it difficult to include information about cables and pipes, for instance, or archaeological treasures or unexploded bombs that were left after the war ended, in urban development plans. The solution is an Inspiration Map of the subsoil: a digital footprint of all that is hidden underneath the city streets.

Subsoil under stress

The subscape is used for some thirty different utilities, such as gas pipes, water mains, and electricity cables, and expectations are that the pressure will only increase as the use of underground energy supply applications, such as heat and cold storage, will increase.

Below ground level

Common practice today is that the underground infrastructure is not considered in development plans until the detailed engineering phase, which means that designers risk having to go back to the drawing board when the row of trees or foundation they had planned proves to be right above cables and conduits.