The RAS for a resilient city

The world’s first large-scale water plaza and a district in the centre of the city that becomes climate change resilient thanks to the combined efforts of entrepreneurs, residents and municipal authorities: these are two examples of the achievements of the Rotterdam Adaptation Strategy (RAS).

Umbrella task

RAS focuses on urban development under one single umbrella task: building a resilient city of Rotterdam. This may refer to the storage of 1.7 million litres of water in the Benthemplein water plaza, or – just as likely – to the wall gardens and green roofs in the Zomerhofkwartier (ZoHo) district.

Concrete measures

The comprehensive urban development approach as described in RAS adds both to Rotterdam’s future safety and resilience. The projects launched in its wake demonstrate how ideas about a resilient city – partly as a result of international knowledge sharing and European subsidies – can lead to concrete measures.