The Resilient Peperklip

The ambition is to make De Peperklip, the largest social housing complex of Rotterdam-Zuid, resilient. The renovation of the building, including 11,000 square meters of unused roof surface, is used as an opportunity to make De Peperklip and its inhabitants more future-proof.

De Peperklip

The striking building De Peperklip is located at the Kop van Zuid (at the South bank). This is a social housing complex designed by architect Carel Weber in 1982. The building got its name due to its shape, seen from above, it represents a bent-open paper clip. With approximately 550 households and 1300 residents, De Peperklip can be compared to a small village with a great diversity of cultures.



A huge maintenance project was started on De Peperklip in 2017. Together, the Municipality of Rotterdam and Vestia, owner of the building's housing corporation, explored the possibility of making De Peperklip resilient and future-proof. In addition, there are ideas to green up the 11,000 square meters and to use it for the generation of renewable energy. Also, to use it for irrigation of the greenery on the roof and in the courtyard.