WEsociety unites the city

The City of Rotterdam joins organizations and citizens in the WEsociety programme to encourage everyone to join in. Key words are: dialogue, compassion and inclusiveness.

Countering polarization helps to empower the city and its residents to prosper. Segregation and a ‘we versus them’ mentality will then give way to an open dialogue in which difficult issues can be discussed. This is the idea behind the WEsociety programme.

Concerns and ideas

The programme was developed in response to the Paris attacks in 2015. Mayor Aboutaleb and four aldermen met with citizens in four so-called WE meetings to discuss their concerns and ideas about the community of Rotterdam. This has led to a series of meetings and events under the heading WEsociety, aiming to promote social cohesion in the city.

New and existing networks

WEsociety uses these dialogue sessions and a Charter for Compassion to encourage and support new networks in the city and to strengthen existing alliances. Active citizens, social entrepreneurs and NGOs put their collective backs into initiatives to strengthen the city’s cohesion.