Blijstroom for a sustainable city

Blijstroom (Happy Power) is the first energy cooperative in Rotterdam. This energy company is managed by its members – and these members opt in favour of a sustainable, energy-neutral city of Rotterdam.

Blijstroom is a network of dedicated locals from Rotterdam who see and seize opportunities. Examples include buildings that do not yet implement energy efficiency measures or generate power at present, but have the potential to do so in the future. Seeing and actually seizing these opportunities will bring Blijstroom closer to the ultimate collective goal of energy neutrality in 2030.

Generating power

In pursuit of their ambitions for the future, Blijstroom supports and organizes projects focused on generating power. In addition, the organization shares knowledge, tips and information about energy efficiency.

Commitment is essential

The Blijstroom projects are initiated by members or carried out on the instructions of homeowner associations or the municipality, for instance. Blijstroom frequently organizes meetings for the purpose of exchanging knowledge gained in the projects, generating feedback, and winning the commitment of even more people. After all, commitment is essential in the transition to a clean and sustainable city of Rotterdam.

Ideals, commitment, energy

Blijstroom’s success in increasing the commitment of citizens to the energy transition is evidenced by the large numbers of volunteers who are involved in the projects. These dedicated pioneers work long hours in pursuit of noble ideals for society and because of their sense of commitment to the community – and, of course, because it gives them energy.

Never-ending flow of energy

For projects that are too large to be carried out by volunteers, the cooperative engages external professionals. Any profits generated by the projects are invariably returned to the districts of Rotterdam. In every way possible, Blijstroom ensures that the energy in Rotterdam will keep on flowing in a never-ending cycle.



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