Code Green helps young people to shape their future city

Rotterdam is faced by some major challenges to make the city and its inhabitants 'resilient'. It is mostly the adults who engage in these urban issues, but what do the children think about this? What kind of out-of-the-box ideas do children come up with when they are challenged to think big for a week?

Code Green is an educational and cultural project of Rotterdam Hofplein, SKVR and Maas theatre and dance. The Code Green project contributes to the Resilient Rotterdam objectives, making them the youngest participating party to the movement, because the thinkers and creators of Code Green are between 10 and 12 years old. Along with artists and innovative companies such as Blue City and The Food Garden (De Voedseltuin), they chew on urban issues, thus contributing to the future of Rotterdam.

New inventions

One of the themes on which the children are working, is water management: How do we deal with the increasing amount of rain? Ever thought of water-filtering clothing, complete with water tubes and filtering accessories? Or a tap that's required to be installed in each house, regulating the amount of water per household? That's dealing really efficiently with water. A machine that converts rain into energy, or shoes that store energy. And wouldn't it be great to have a water drainage system that will quickly fill all the neighborhood swimming pools in summer? This is but a sampling of the range of valuable new ideas.

Cooperation with education, culture and commerce

The project is supported by the City of Rotterdam. It is financially supported by businesses, funds and foundations from the Rotterdam circuit, who are united in Club Code Green. The project will meet the challenges of the future with confidence, an open view and a large dose of imagination.

Do you have an interesting question for the Code Green kids? Or do you as a company, sponsor or school want to know what Code Green can do for you? Inform Code Green and send an email to

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