Geothermal Energy Plan

The Geothermal Energy Plan provides Rotterdam with a tool to ensure optimal implementation of geothermal energy systems without disrupting any other subsoil functions – today as well as in the future.

The goal to effect annual savings of between 1,400 and 2,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions, including between 960 and 1,600 tonnes in the Rotterdam Central District, can be achieved by using geothermal energy systems, such as heat and cold storage systems for the built environment. However, this requires efficient use of the subsurface, as geothermal energy resources are limited. Moreover, the subsoil belongs to everyone.

Model for renewable energy supplies

The Geothermal Energy Plan enables the municipality to control the application of geothermal energy systems. This will help to take maximum advantage of the subsoil capacity. The plan thus forms a future-resilient model for expansion of renewable energy supplies.

Present and future

The focus of the Geothermal Energy Plan goes beyond the current situation of the subsurface. The plan also focuses on the expected increase in the demand for renewable energy. The energy supply of the renovated municipal offices, for instance, has been combined with the supply of the WTC building. This was realized with the help of the Geothermal Energy Plan.


The Geothermal Energy Plan is an excellent instrument to engage in discussions at an early stage in any development project about optimal use of the land and subsoil. In this respect, it serves as a legal document that helps to get us closer to the right considerations and future-resilient policies. By anticipating (the opportunities of) renewable energy sources in this manner, Rotterdam invests in a resilient city.



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