New creations in Feijenoord

What are the chances of the Afrikaander district in Rotterdam serving as a hotspot for special commercial activities? The opportunities are there for the taking, according to local business owners who developed the Feijenoord Opportunity Chart (Kansenkaart Feijenoord).

The Feijenoord Opportunity Chart provides an overview of opportunities for ‘new creations’ in this lively neighbourhood. Responding to the beckoning perspective of smart technology, high-quality crafts and trades and creative inventions, entrepreneurs work together to turn Feijenoord into a prosperous residential and commercial district.


The initiatives deployed to take the market, shops and businesses in the Afrikaander district to a whole new level represent good news to its nine thousand residents. They will turn their neighbourhood into an attractive, versatile and vibrant community. At the same time, the close cooperation between the local business owners will help to improve the image of the neighbourhood, which is likely to result in higher numbers of visitors. Furthermore, placements in (nonprofit or voluntary) organizations will provide opportunities for local residents to gain work experience.


In view of the fact that the activities of the active network of entrepreneurs provide a positive boost to the economy and jobs market at the community level, the municipality supports the implementation of the Opportunity Chart – without taking the wind out of the initiators’ sails, of course.

The recipe

Around the marketplace and the park – the throbbing heart of the Afrikaander district – we now see the rise of exotic neighbourhood shops, social enterprises, and creative breeding grounds. A robust network is developing that will benefit the entire community – and will serve as a model for other communities later on. The recipe for dynamic district development in Feijenoord is to focus on opportunities rather than weaknesses.



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