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08 july

100 cities visit Rotterdam during Urban Resilience Summit 8-11 July

The global network '100 Resilient Cities' (100RC) organises a major international summit in Rotterdam 8-11 July. This means that all one hundred member-cities from Houston to Cape Town and from Christchurch to Athens are present. During a few days, delegates from the cities share knowledge and experiences and investigate forms of cooperation that can contribute to the resilience of cities worldwide. Rotterdam, member of the first hour, will act as host city this time.

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What is Resilience?
"A resilient city is a city that is able to recover quickly from an incident, crisis or setback, and to come out stronger," says Arnoud Molenaar, Chief Resilience Officer at the municipality of Rotterdam. "Resilience is a 'capacity' that is becoming increasingly important in this time of many changes. To ensure that we as a city can handle shocks and stresses and can remain resilient in the future, we anticipate and take into account the risks, opportunities and new developments. Resilience is a necessity, that is why Rotterdam is also actively working on strengthening the resilience of the city. "

Rotterdam host city and international example
After the cities of New Orleans, Mexico City and New York, the Urban Resilience Summit takes place in Rotterdam this year. Rotterdam has been chosen as a host city because it is viewed worldwide as a forerunner in the field of urban resilience and in particular climate adaptation. Rotterdam is at its lowest point six meters below sea level and in 2013 Rotterdam was the first city in the Netherlands to launch a climate adaptation plan. In 2016 the city launched its first resilience strategy.

Visits to Resilience programs and projects
The delegations from 100 member-cities consist of Chief Resilience Officers, mayors, managers, advisors and important partners from the public, private, multilateral and non-profit sector. During the summit they share their best practices and innovative solutions. The participants will also visit different locations/programs in Rotterdam and The Hague, the so-called "Living Laboratories". Such as: Bospolder-Tussendijken (program BoTu2028), De Peperklip, Floating Farm, Dakakker, Hofbogen, Zoho Raingarden, Blue City and the Maeslantkering.




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