Foto: Floating Office Rotterdam in de Rijnhaven
19 april

Floating Office Rotterdam: the biggest floating office building in the world in the Rijnhaven

The largest floating office building in the world, the so-called Floating Office, has been located in the Rijnhaven since March. With climate change and rising sea levels, this is the building of the future.


Building of the future

Floating constructions are seen as one of the possible answers to climate change. 'We have a tide in the Rijnhaven. This means the water here rises and falls 2 meters every day. So we thought it would be great to put it here.”

The Floating Office is certainly a very unique global phenomenon; it’s very durable, buoyant and built entirely of wood. There are 900 m2 of solar panels on the roof and there’s a herb garden which attracts all kinds of animals. 'The building is completely self-sufficient and circular. So the building can also be dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere.’


'Water rises and falls two meters every day'

Architect Nanne de Ru is responsible for this floating 3700 m2 masterpiece. 'There were several incredibly exciting moments during construction. The barges on which the building is located arrived in the Rijnhaven via the Meuse. And they had to pass through the hoerenloperbrug (bridge). That literally just about fit. We only had 40 centimetres spare. Fortunately we have some fantastic companies in Rotterdam which don’t shy away from jobs like that.’

'We have a tide in the Rijnhaven. This means the water here rises and falls 2 meters every day. So we thought it would be fantastic to put the building here.’


Building for Rotterdam residents

In addition, the floating building will be home to the Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA). This is an international think tank for climate issues and an initiative by various countries and the World Bank.

But De Ru says the building was really made for Rotterdam residents. 'There will be a restaurant with a lovely terrace, where you can sit and enjoy the sunshine all day long. And we’ll be building a swimming pool too. That will allow you to enjoy a lovely swim in the Rijnhaven.’

De Ru is very proud. “We've never done anything quite like this before. But apart from the fact that I am a very proud Rotterdam resident, it’s also a project which many people have worked on with a huge amount of passion and pleasure.’

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