16 november

Join Resilient Rotterdam at the Generation Delta Conference on November 30

Rising sea levels, a widening wealth gap, and the need for an energy transition – challenges too great for any single generation to resolve alone. What if different generations combine their unique strengths at this very moment? Join us at the Generation Delta Conference in Rotterdam, where seasoned experts and the next generation of changemakers merge their experiences and perspectives to help shape a collective legacy of #resilience.


Workshop: 'Co-write a Convergence Future - Co-creating a resilient Rotterdam'

In the afternoon various workshops will take place. Resilient Rotterdam’s Arnoud Molenaar, Maarten Nijpels, Kinga Feenstra and Tanne Schreuder will moderate and coordinate the workshop ‘Co-write a Convergence Future – Co-creating a resilient Rotterdam’ with their scientific counterparts. This workshop hosts five roundtables to deepen collaboration on five key resilience challenges for the city of Rotterdam: (1) climate resilience & weather extremes, (2) vital systems, (3) Resilience Risk Analysis, (4) economical resilience under sea-level rise and (5) resilient communities. Come brainstorm with us, share what works well, and help shape plans for the future.

During the conference, best-selling author Ruud Veltenaar and climate activist Aniek Moonen will guide you through the program and will make sure that you uncover fresh viewpoints and ignite insights that resonate with your personal and professional journey.


Registration and more information

Register now for free on https://www.aanmelder.nl/resilientdelta/subscribe or check out https://convergence.nl/register-now-the-generation-delta-conference/ for more information.

Date: November 30th
Location: Rotterdam

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