Foto: Natuurdak Peperklip Vestia Resilient Rotterdam
19 may

Residential complex the Peperklip's roof now completed

The construction of the biodiverse Peperklip roof is now complete. This iconic residential complex in South Rotterdam has the longest natural roof in the Netherlands. This is the result of an initiative by the Resilient Rotterdam programme and a fantastic collaboration between the municipality of Rotterdam and housing corporation Vestia.


The construction of the biodiverse, green roof by gardener Van der Tol took place as part of major maintenance work on housing corporation Vestia’s residential complex. This maintenance task has been the flywheel for Vestia and the municipality to take a broader look at the refurbishment and to prepare the Peperklip for the future.


The resilient Peperklip

The municipality of Rotterdam and housing corporation Vestia jointly explored the options for future-proofing the residential complex. Greenery in the city provides a more beautiful, healthier and more sustainable living environment. It also increases property values and contributes to biodiversity in the city. Plus a green city is more resistant to a changing climate, with more extreme rainfall, as well as hot and dry periods. The Peperklip approach shows how you can make the city resilient and future-proof by combining social, economic and climatic initiatives. The contours of resilience are becoming increasingly visible in the Peperklip.


Space for bees, butterflies and birds

There are four recurring themes in the design by Vestia's home gardener Van de Tol and the Hollands Groen agency: water, wood, gravel and hills. The use of sedum, herbs, perennials, tree trunks and water pools creates different biotopes and bees, butterflies and birds feel right at home.


Roof not publicly accessible

The roof is not publicly accessible. The roof construction is not strong enough for this, but the residents can enjoy the green roof in a different way. The roof offers cooling on hot summer days and the insulation ensures comfortable indoor temperatures on a cold winter’s day. The plants retain the rainwater for longer when it rains hard, so there is less chance of water nuisance.



This Resilient Rotterdam programme initiative has resulted in a great collaboration between Housing Corporation Vestia and the municipality of Rotterdam; they work together as partners in the LIFE@Urban Roofs Rotterdam project, which aims to stimulate investments in multifunctional roofs and climate adaptation. The Peperklip roof was partly made possible by a contribution from the European LIFE programme for environmental and climate action.

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