The power of Delfshaven Coöperatie

Results that benefit us all can only be achieved if large corporations and organizations collaborate closely with local (community) initiatives. This is the guiding maxim of the Delfshaven Coöperatie, a cooperative association that is dedicated to empowering local residents and strengthening their commitment.

Pop-up store ‘Stroop’ sells treacle waffles (Dutch: stroopwafels) that are baked by local residents. The network of entrepreneurs to which the shop belongs plays an important role in filling vacant property, to name one example. This is one of the projects supported by the Delfshaven Coöperatie: a community initiative that forms a crucial link in Rotterdam’s network of local residents, NGOs and the City of Rotterdam.

Contributing ideas as well as active participation

A telling example of the way the Delfshaven Coöperatie works is the close cooperation between local residents and housing association Havensteder in the renovation of homes. Residents were invited to contribute ideas and, more importantly, to participate actively in the renovation project, for example by lending a hand in demolition, repair and painting activities.